Do you speak Spanglish?

Of the close to 60 million Latinos in the U.S, a generous portion speak Spanglish. At, Ilan Stavans offers a new version of English literature’s most famous scene.

Hamlet in Spanglish

Hamlet illustrationSer, or not to ser: esa es la question.
Whether ’tis nobler sufrir en la mente
The slings y flechas of outrageous fortuna,
O tomar las arms against un mar de troubles,
Y al oponerlos end them? Morir, dormir,
No more, y, by domir to say que terminamos
The heart-ache y los mil natural shoques
Que la carne is heir to—’tis a consumación
Devoutly to be deseada. Morir, dormir;
Dormir, perchance soñar: ay, there’s el obstáculo:
For in that sueño of death what sueños may come
Read the whole scene at HERE
At The Guardian, Alison Flood reports on

Walt Whitman’s eyebrow-raising guide to ‘manly health’

Walt Whitman photoWalt Whitman in photo by George C. Cox, 1887. (Wikipedia Commons)
It’s “an essay on male beauty, a chauvinistic screed, a sports memoir, a eugenics manifesto…an anecdotal history of longevity, says the man who unearthed it, Zachary Turpin.
Whitman’s primary claims tilt from visionary to reactionary, commonsensical to nonsensical, egalitarian to racist, pacific to bloodthirsty – and back again,” Turpin says.
Read more at HERE
At, Mark Oliver tells us about

10 Sci-Fi Dystopias That Are Everyday Realities Today

Ray Bradbury once said, “I wasn’t trying to predict the future. I was trying to prevent it.”
Oliver thinks this is true of most science-fiction. “The genre has never been about predicting new technologies. Instead, its purpose is to warn us about the dark future to come, if we don’t change our path.”
Twilight Zone illustrationOne such warning came from The Twilight Zone episode: ‘Number 12 Looks Just Like You’ in which all young adults have to pick their face and body from a physically attractive design chosen from a small selection of numbered models.
Oliver points out that South Korea’s plastic surgery obsession echoes the point of the story.
You can see all 10 books on his list at HERE
At his blog, Terry Ibele offers us

Six Amazingly Bizarre Sci-Fi & Fantasy Novels You’ve Never Heard Of

One example:
Iris book cover
Iris: by William Barton and Michael Capobianco
Iris is about a group of astronauts who are all sexually interested in one another (so many love triangles, it turns into a love hexagon).
Of course the best place to send a sex-crazed orgy is to investigate a distant moon…The crew quickly discover an ancient alien “ark” ship on the moon… Just make sure to wear some gloves when you pick up this read…
See all the bizarre novels at Terry’s blog HERE

Quote of the DayRay Bradbury quote poster

It’s sometimes hard to know  which is which.

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