Thank you for the Irish Coffees

I’ve done my share of dedications.
Some of them are obvious, if a little sentimental and whimsical:
To the REAL Spanish Gardens, now long vanished.
Thank you for the Irish Coffees.
(The ‘Spanish Gardens’ is a dead giveaway for which book)
But I’ve done others, among them:
To victims of war:
Human beings
Human constructs
Human ideals
To all of you out there who know what it means to be lost, and to be found.
There is no one person out there to whom a book like this can be dedicated. But we all carry a bit of my “shifter” in us – and it is to that fragment, broken, snd damaged, and heroic, and glorious, forever young in some ways and wise beyond our years in others, that this novel is offered. In acknowledgment, and with thanks.
(“Letters from the Fire”, “Wolf”, and “Shifter”, for those playing along at home)
There are times that a dedication is no less than the spirit of the book.
There are other times when it’s just a tiny bit of brilliance trapped inside a book like a dragonfly in amber.
At Distractify, Beth Buczynski gives us:

22 Times The Dedication Page Was The Best Part Of The Book

Dedication illustrationNo Way Back by Matthew Klein
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Guy leaves fake Self-Help Books in bookstore

Fake Self Help Books on shelf photoJeff Wysaski has planted self-help books with fake covers for unsuspecting shoppers to discover as they browse the aisles of an unnamed bookstore in West Hollywood.
The books are just fake covers placed on old used books, but it makes you wish he’d write a book just to see what he’d say about dealing with children who are centaurs.
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50 best cult booksBest Cult Books montage photo

A cult book may be hard to define, The Telegraph tells us, but you know one when when you see one. They are somehow, intangibly, different from simple bestsellers.
One example:
Story of O by Pauline Réage (1954)
O is a beautiful woman who submits to the sadistic whims of various men…Bewildering, creepy and joyless, it’s a guaranteed detumescent.” (My husband, not yet out of his teens when he read it, disagrees with the last.)
Here is a selection of the most notable cult writing from the past two centuries. Some is classic. Some is catastrophic. All of it had the power to inspire . . .
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At The Week, James Harbeck gives us a primer on

How to identify any language at a glance by certain accent marksLanguage Marks illustration

That can be quite useful as the world shrinks and we run into more and more languages.

One example
Hungarian accent marks illlustrationRead the whole fascinating story at HERE

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