Coaching & Mentoring

I am offering a six-month one-on-one mentoring service which includes the following:

  • Monthly in-person Skype or Zoom consultation
  • Monthly process and craft-related modules, complete with practice exercises
  • Working in detail on a particular book or project, guiding a writer through developing, writing, editing, and polishing a manuscript until publication-ready

The writer may choose to extend the six-month contract if they choose. The option of paying in installments is available.

Rates: $3500.00 (USD) for a six month engagement; contract extensions $1200/two-month extension, or $3000 for a further six-month extension.


Invite me! to spend some time with you so you can tell me more about yourself and your project, and what you expect to get out of a one-on-one mentoring process.

Please do note that completing a mentoring session does not mean that you are guaranteed publication at the conclusion of the contracted period – but you will be given the necessary tools to pursue this in the best way possible and most appropriate for your work.

I will provide invoices at times that payment is due. Payment terms are negotiable – I am open to installments, and I will provide options for you in the contract. I prefer direct payment via PayPal (full instructions will be given in the contract), but I will accept checks.


“You’ve given me a lot of important tools, and plenty to think about” T Vernon