A writer by profession,
A scientist by education,
A duchess by historical accident.

Alma Alexander is an author whose books include the internationally acclaimed historical fantasy The Secrets of Jin-shei (published in 13 languages), and its follow-up, Embers of Heaven, set in a fantasy China. VOYA Magazine suggested her Worldweavers series (Gift of the Unmage, Spellspam, Cybermage, Dawn of Magic) might be just the thing for readers suffering Harry Potter withdrawal.

Another series, The Were Chronicles (Random, Wolf, Shifter), dramatically changed the Were world, and is now available as an omnibus.

Other fantasies include her haunting and newly republished Midnight at Spanish Gardens, as well as Changer of Days, Wings of Fire, Empress, and a humorous science fiction novel, AbductiCon. She has edited two anthologies, River and Children of a Different Sky. Her newest book, Fractured Fairy Tales, is now available!

Alma Alexander was born on the banks of the Danube in a country that no longer exists, grew up in Africa, and lives with two cats in the cedar woods of the U.S. Pacific Northwest.