Help Out

Nothing about being an author is easy, simple, or even visible to the world. It takes an almost herculean amount of juggling to write, edit, process, and deliver the “final product” itself, but the work is far from done when the ISBN gets assigned.

There’s marketing, advertising, book readings, signings, and tours (virtual or otherwise).

Then, inventory management, and cost of sales (i.e., shipping, etc), and of course, taxes…. all of which is self-paid, to assure books are available when non-digital versions are requested.

This doesn’t include the full-time job of managing all the voices trying to make it to the page.

I love giving the world new tales of fantasy and futurism, the paranormal and the polished. But I cannot lie; it is a lot of work and it is expensive trying to be heard over the big publishing houses, celebrity authors, and well, our current reality.

So I’m turning to the one group I know ‘gets’ what I’m saying and knows that of which I am capable…. you, dear reader. It is always, always you.

In exchange, I offer you exclusives and tidbits, special issues and of course, access to me, the human behind all the words.

I have established the following avenues by which you can support my writing; anything you might offer is genially, gratefully, graciously accepted.

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