Other Writing & Editing Services

Here are the additional services I can offer; I invite you to share with anyone you feel might benefit from learning that I’m available.

Work-for-hire (writing)

I have been involved in ghostwriting for both fiction and non-fiction projects – on subjects as varied as self-help manuals, memoirs, travel, and professional publications in several subjects and arenas.

Ghostwriting includes the necessary research, and will involve a close cooperation with the client. These are time-intensive projects and when undertaken I usually make them exclusive-– as in, they are my full-time and ONLY job for the duration of the project. The prices reflect this.

Fiction project: starting at $12,000 – $15,000

Non-fiction project: starting at $20,000

Corporate Writing and Editing

Do you need a corporate “bible” edited or re-done? Do you need a profile for your business? Do you need material on the products or services that you are providing? Are you in the market for profiles on your staff? Invite me  to review the details of the project for estimate.

Project Management

If you wish to delegate the production of a publication, with someone at the helm to oversee a smooth planned development and conclusion of a project, please Invite me to review details of the project for estimate.


Invite me to review your project – this kind of project is often very individual and I would need to know more details about your requirements before I am able to offer you an educated appraisal of what I believe is required, and the extent of my involvement.

I will provide invoices at times that payment is due. Payment terms are negotiable – I am open to installments, and I will provide options for you in the contract. I prefer direct payment via PayPal (full instructions will be given in the contract), but I will accept checks or (for bigger corporate clients) direct transfers.


“You made my life so interesting!” D. Patton

“You’ve provided me with a wealth of information to think about. I’m very grateful for your help!” W Randel

“You see so many details! That was exactly what I needed.” I. Radford