Survive the Apocalypse

Floating Ocean Home illustrationYou could head for the hills to wait out the effects of rising seas as the world warms, or you could opt for a floating home from Italian yacht-maker, Jet Capsule, and drift slowly around the globe. It’s just a concept right now, but maybe someday.
I’d probably spend my whole life seasick.

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At, Sarah Seltzer talks to the founder of ‘Bitch’ about

‘A Battle That Remains Only Half-Won’

Feminists Book Cover photo“So here we are,” writes Andi Zeisler — founder of feminist culture ‘zine Bitch — towards the close of her new book…
“We’ve got feminist underpants and feminist romance novels, feminist gifs and feminist jokes. We’ve got 12 feminist cocktails to make the world a better place, 10 reasons why The Mindy Project is a feminist masterpiece, and nine quotes that explain why Game of Thrones is actually empowering.”
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Infographics ‘R’Us
Writing Journey illustrationAt, Maryann Yin, shows us an infographic by Michelle Griep called ‘The Stages of Writing a Book.’
“The piece showcases the emotional journey that a writer undergoes to bring a story into fruition.”
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Maryann Yin shows us another infographic

Superwomen illustration
and asks:
Who’s your favorite female character from the DC Comics universe? The team at Bingo Find has created an infographic called Superheroines vs Supervillainesses: The Women of the DC Universe.”
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Shakespeare illustrationAnd then we have an infographic posted at by Hayley Igarashi honoring Shakespeare.
“In honor of #ShakespeareWeek, try our helpful infographic to find out what celebrated play you should read next.”
See the whole infographic at HERE

Survive the Apocalypse — or notpoliticians debating global warming statue

A sculpture by street artist Isaac Cordal, which has been dubbed “Politicians Debating Global Warming.”

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