Reading. Scarves. Reading scarves.

so, I knit up more than one kind of “yarn” – the story kind, and actual physical woolly stuff. See, I sit there when I watch TV and I KNIT – I make these beautiful Reading Scarves from some REALLY NICE yarns… and now’s the season. Here’s FOUR of the latest currently available ones:

and here’s another pic, just to give you an indication of length and scope:

these are really gorgeous yarn (I do pick carefully!) and all four are available RIGHT NOW, both as by-themselves or as my customary book+scarf package where they come bundled with one of my books (we can discuss – I have advisories about which book to pair with which scarf but you get the final pick…) There’s also a couple of older models still looking for homes, including one drop dead gorgeous CASHMERE scarf in lovely shades of lavender and apricot.

Speak up for one of these TODAY and I will pay your shipping costs and mail it this week so that it will probably get to you by Christmas – think about a present for someone in your life who needs to be kept warm and cozy and also might want something to read. Any orders with tomorrow’s date, you get 50% off shipping. Anything after that, shipping costs will be added to your purchase price on receipt of order. You can ping me via FB or you can contact me via the contact form on this website (or via email, at

All scarves come cat-approved and cat-supervised, usually being knitted over the heads of sleeping cats lying in my lap.

Keep reading. Keep warm. Happy Holidays (whichever ones you celebrate) and may these scarves carry you into a good new year.