oh lord, it’s time to go running around changing all the clocks again.

Look some people are afraid of the dark. I get it. That doesn’t mean that the dark WON’T COME, if you somehow re-label an hour and then hopefully insist that this has somehow changed the nature of the Earth’s rotation and that the darkness had somehow come “an hour later”. No, it hasn’t. It has simply come, as it always does, no matter what you call the hour. the “time enough” excuse – you need more daylight THEN or you don’t want to go to work or school in the dark NOW…look I’ve said it before the simple solution is simply for schools and businesses to CHANGE THEIR OPERATING HOURS during the appropriate seasons and start an hour earlier or later as needed without anyone needing to lose their minds trying to switch internal clocks, race around the house switching timepieces back and forth, animals having to figure out why their breakfast is an hour early or late while their humans try to figure out the new timeframe. I have a bedside clock-radio which “automatically” switches between the two times… the only problem is that it was purchased BEFORE the powers that be changed the freaking dates for that, so now it changes at the wrong time and because I refuse to fiddle faddle with the thing TWICE (change it manually BACK to the correct time when it changes too early, and then change it BACK to the correct time when the decreed time change day actually arrives) I simply have to live with the annoyance of having my bedside clock showing me the wrong damn time unti it deigns to change it automatically when it thinks it should.

Just STAHP. Just grow up already and switch a light on if you need it.