Making a list and checking it twice

It’s that time of the year again… and it’s ALMOST too late to do anything about it… but here’s a last minute Christma gifts suggestion list.

If you purchase ANY book of mine – if in ebook format my thanks, but if in paperback editions and you wish it signed LET ME KNOW and I will send you a signed book plate which you can put into the book. Let me know if you want it just signed, if you want it personalised to you or to somebody else, and if you are not sure whether the book itself would arrive in time LETME KNOW ANYWAY and I will send you the book plate and and you can use that as a promissory stocking filler if worst comes to the worst and delays stymie your plans. I would love to be a part of some reader’s Christmas. Thing about it. You can go to my Book Table to choose your books, or you can follow me on my Amazon page which has all the links on it, ebook and paperback versions. If you do this – and maybe if you post a picture of one of my books in the wild, under a tree, being read – or even write me a reader review somewhere – that’ll be a gift to me. And I would muchly appreciate it!

I tried something new this Christmas and it seems to have tickled people’s fancy – I am making scarves, and pairing them with books, and sending these out as packages – the first two I had finished went really fast, and I am currently on a “preorder” package (see pics – I will explain below…)

I am curently working on a preorder which is “Embers of Heaven” and a ruby-red sparkly scarf similar to that blue one for “Spanish Gardens” but a graduated burgundy-to-dawn-pink instead and so far it’s looking beautifully elegant. That will be on its way to its new owner shortly. But here’s what you can still preorder:

– a “doctor who” typle stripey scarf as shown above with the Val Hall books, with EITHER the Val Hall books (2 books – $80+$15 shipping) OR with the Fractured Fairy Tales book ($70 + $15 shipping)

– a golden scarf alike to the dark blue of “Spanish Gardens” and the ruby red of “Embers of Heaven” but instead of a beautiful bronze-to-sunshine yellow cast, think Imperial Gold, with a copy of “Empress (%75 +$15 shipping)

– shoot me an email and I will look through my yarn and tell you what is available and you can choose your own adventure, as it were, with scarf AND book (price on inquiry

…and if you order them NOW I’ll get to making them ASAP and they may not get there in time for December 25 but I WILL send you or your recipient (if this is a gift) a card with a promissory note about what is coming, right now, in time for a Christmas morning handover. (And you can always tell whoever is on the receiving end of these things that it WILL be there for Christmas – I am of the Orthodox cultural and religious stripe, and OUR Christmas isn’t until January 7, so you’ll probably have it in time for MY Christmas…)