What to read and what order to read it in?

“what to read and when to read it” – it’s a perennial question for many authors, especially those with series – where should I begin, what should I read, and what order do I read it in? Well, here’s a site that kind of keeps track for you – here’s my page and although it’s a little misleading (some of the books listed there have “publication dates” that aren’t quite correct – for instance, something like “Letters from the Fire” was originally published in New Zealand back in 1999 – but the date they give was the pub date for the Kindle version of the thing, in the USA) but as a starting point, and a list of things you might have to pick from, it’s pretty neat.

I’ve been in touch to fix the write-up at the bottom which currently contains an error or three and that should be fixed soon – but even before that is done, it’s a nice resource to glance at. Please remember, though, if you are in the market for purchasing anything – try and do it through this site – it gives me an extra Affiliate boost if you do that! If you always tip your barista for giving you a cup of coffee, think of this as putting an extra bit in the story tip jar…

Currently in the process of waiting for Godot… er, a service person with a “window of arrival”.. so signing off now to go peer out of windows to see if anyone has got here yet – happy reading!