Checking in… and bits of potentially interesting news…

You’ll have to forgive me I’m still coming to terms with the new site, in so many ways – learning to handle things, then accepting that I HAVE to handle things (no more Deck to get behind the wheel and steer this beast, it’s all up to me now…) but I’ve been fiddling with stuff here and there.

First, let me spill the tiny bit of potential news – the people on my Patreon already know about this, and it is there that the first look at this new project is going to happen so if you want to get in on the ground floor and    Support my writing now’s the time to do that (I would be greatly appreciative if you stepped up at a higher level – but even just $1/month on Patreon will get you the access you are looking for. I am going to write a “foreword” for the project and that will be up on the Patreon site for free (I will link to that when it’s up) – but the rest of this will be – first – for the Patrons. If you’re any kind of reader (and you are or else you wouldn’t be on this site) and/or a writer, this is going to be a book about books, about reading, about how reading changes a human being and about what it helps that human being become. It’s a book about transformation and transmutation; I call it “Alchemy of Word”. I haven’t really been able to write much – not fiction anyway – in the last six months or so. I am giving myself a window through which to climb back into that mind space. Please come with me. I promise you I will make it as good a journey as I know how.

Also, I am waiting on my next newsletter until after the Imadjinn Awards – I am a three-time finalist, and I will PROBABLY not win with any of my offerings, but I am waiting until the awards are done and dusted and I can report on that on the newsletter. So – again – while we wait on that news, it’s a good time to sign up for the newsletter (there’s a signup box, right up there on the right. it’s that easy)

I’m still in a dark place and this summer is going to be something to be survived and endured. I’m trying to make it ‘better’ by doing something constructive. I could really use your support on the journey.

There. In the meantime, enjoy the new site. I’m still working on it…