[tap tap] Is this thing on? An update on the update…

It’s been… a while. The website update has been a bumpy road. Quite aside from having lost my best friend and my partner and my utter support in life I lost the guy who ran my website – without really knowing what he was doing or why, running it on a wing and a prayer, and keeping it going by will and by love alone. When he went all the balls that he was automagically keeping in the air fell into a messy heap on the ground. I had no idea what I was doing at any point. The site consisted of a heap of pages, was often temperamental, and in general I was staring at it in utter defeat when a techangel descended and laid hands on the thing.

She bore with my often shivering panic attacks (when I simply could not understand a technical instruction, or when logins that should have worked… didn’t… and I had no idea why… and the website update is still a work in progress which will endure tweakery as things unfold but this blog entry (might I add, on an entirely new and different interface than I had used before! And onewhich would have driven my poor husband bananas because it’s a “Designer” thing, with gray text on white background which he found particularly hard to “see” when he was doing things and railed against endlessly…) is mostly to figure out if I can actually access the site for bloggery purposes and re-establish some kind of presence in what has been a blog wasteland for some time (while the tech issues were being worked out. I’m just testing the mike, as it were. In some ways it’s a whole new site. I may have lost ALL the subscribers I had in the old site, I don’t know yet, I haven’t dared to poke around too much (and there is still a lot left to do…)

This is just to say – or re-say – hello. And if you think you should be a subscriber to the site do me a favour and double check that?..