When the interviewer wants to know, you say …

The Fantasy Hive experience

I was just interviewed by The Fantasy Hive and it was a whole lot of fun. One question was:
Q: Dazzle us with an elevator pitch? Why should readers check out your work? (If you aren’t familiar with the jargon, ‘elevator pitch’ means a very short summary – something you can blurt out before the elevator doors open)
ME: “Go from hall to hall and be amazed at how Alma Alexander’s Bibliography House changes – from high fantasy to historical fantasy to contemporary fantasy to philosophy to YA to science fantasy to science fiction. A reviewer once said, she never writes the same book twice.”
Another Q&A:
Can you tell us a little something about your current work(s) in progress?
The current work in progress is very young – it’s barely begun – but what I AM doing that’s unusual is… inventing an entire alien language, from scratch, grammar and all. You have to realize I am bilingual in English and Serb. I can have a decent conversation (albeit probably a slow one) in French. I can understand (but not respond in) two more languages, and I know a goodly number of Klingon phrases. I also took Irish Gaelic classes once, for fun.
So I’m a language nerd, and I am having an absolute ball with this. Once I have the language nailed down I will begin to glimpse more strongly the culture it has shaped, and once I have that down my next novel is well on the way.
Read the whole interview HERE


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