No blog this week because of scandal

My House Was NAKED

moss-covered roof photo
No, not THIS bad, but… PHOTO by-Carissa-Weiser

No, seriously. They’re here to take me away, ha ha. More specifically, I had a total roof replacement – down to the trusses. They took off the plywood underlay because some of it was porridge and replaced the entire thing with brand new stuff. Today they’re up there (in barely above freezing temps) putting on the new shingle.
It’s been a noisy, frantic couple of days. The cats are consternated, the lady of the house (that’s ME) is a nervous wreck, and the only one holding it together is the lord of the manor, my husband, who’s been keeping everything on a (relatively) sane even(ish) keel. The upside is that at the tail end of this we will have a brand new roof. The downside is that nothing else coherent got done during the process.
No blog today. More blog next week. Under a new roof.
Please consider this a “pardon our dust” sign.

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