“For you are everywhere…” Still

Shape of Water posterI went to see “Shape of Water” when it was on cinema release last December and when I came home I wrote an essay/review on it which has become the most-read post on my blog, bar none.
I went to see and then wrote about several other movies, including such blockbusters as “Black Panther”, but none of those blog posts ever came in readership to “Shape of Water”.
My husband hadn’t seen the movie in the theater with me, but we put it up on our Tivo wish list so that it would find it and record it when it was released on TV, and he’d have a chance to see the movie I had so much to say about.
It arrived last night. We watched it today.
I stand by my original essay. Every word. This thing packs a punch, and it is not lessened in the least upon a second viewing. There is a beating heart in this movie, and it lives, it lives. And this time, seeing it for the second time with someone who was watching it for the first time it was easy to see the points of inflection that I myself felt when I first watched it. And the fact that I knew what was coming might have detracted from the shock value of some of the scenes… but it took away none of their power.
We’ve saved the movie. We are keeping it. We will watch this again. Because something this raw, this funny, this tragic, this poignant, this awful, this astonishing, this odd, this fragile, this powerful, this wonderful… this… is a treasure.
It is all around me, and it is everywhere, and there is a deep part of my heart that will always bear the shape of water.
Original review HERE