5 Gifts for Readers

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1. Well, books, of course. Isn’t that the very definition of heaven for a bibliophile, opening up stacks of new books on Christmas morning?
Well, until they think of their teetering To Read stack – but still, new books, Christmas morning…
This also, now, includes electronic varieties. If they read on a tablet or on their phone, print out a card to stuff in their stockings and just say, “Check your ebooks…”
Books Coffee And A CookieBooks, coffee and a cookie, by mefotografie
2. Something to drink while reading. A special tea, or a tin of Ghirardelli’s drinking chocolate, or some good coffee.
Or maybe something to drink out OF. There are lots of booksy mugs and teacups out there. And what’s better than curling up with a hot beverage and a good book on the morning after Christmas day?
Alma Alexander BookmarksA reader will make do. There have been entire exhibitions made of stuff found inside books which had been used as a bookmark — grocery receipts, love letters, candy wrappers, straws, checks, feathers, silk ribbons…and once, memorably, a photo of a Kindle.
Wood Bookmarks…www.creativebloq.com…
Yes, readers will make do yes. But why not offer them something better. A real bookmark.
Indulge your whimsy. There are LOADS of fun ones out there — both from authors and works of art from creative designers.
Give them the opportunity to concentrate on what they’re reading and not on what they’ll use to mark their place when they have to stop
4. Kids special
Take them book shopping. Make it a day. Visit shops that sell new books, but also drop into used books emporia and if you find a copy of a book that enthralled you when you were their age, tell them about it, pass the gift on. Young readers haven’t had the time to accumulate their experiences, to completely hone their specific likes – they’re still seeking.
Going Digitalmamiverse.com…
And use technolgy, as Mamiverse suggests, by giving kids a tablet stuffed with books.
Give children the gift of your time, and your reading wisdom, accrued over the years. Tell them about reading, and its joys. Make them approach those bookshelves with shining eyes and an eager spirit.
Don’t just give them the gift of a book on a single day of the year – give them the joy of ALL books, light the small fire of the love of reading, and you will have created a gift that will keep on giving long after you yourself are no longer present to add to the stories they will start to gather, and cherish, and treasure all their lives.
5. Is your book lover deprived of a good place to read and/or keep their books?
Build them a library. Well, OK, if that’s not practical there are other things you can do to help. Is there a bookshelf that you can offer – even just a tiny little one? If they appreciate whimsy, you could offer them this one.
Zany bookcaseGo home, bookcase. You’re drunk. This Dali-esque piece is made by Scott Blackwell, who would like you to know it comes with a free melting clock. (neatorama.com…)
If there is furniture in heaven, it will be these. Someplace to put away the books which breed on book lovers’ coffee tables and the floor beside their bed. Someplace they can wander past and run their fingers lovingly over favorite books’ spines.
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