Another Worldcon is history – and a what a Worldcon it was.
Full report later but in a nutshell – drove seven hours to Spokane to be there and paid for it with pain and stiffness, but didn’t let that stop me meeting old and new friends, respected colleagues, and a few iconic genre giants, not to mention a ghost or two and their legacies. .
Larry Niven and Alma Alexander at Sasquan 2015Steve Barnes Sasquan 2015
Alma with Larry Niven ….and Steven Barnes
Then I drove another seven hours back, half of it through heavy smoke from all the brush and forest fires, and then slept for ten hours straight. I have typed this note with a great deal of impediment and difficulty because my cat is currently making ABSOLUTELY sure I do not go anywhere again. He is sitting in my lap, between me and the keyboard, draped across one of my arms.
There’s more to tell. Later. Until then – vale Sasquan, you were great. Thanks for everything.
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