Grilled Unicorn, really?

Who knew that a passing reference on my blog to a Medieval cookbook which included a recipe for Roast Unicorn (complete with a glorious Middle-ages take on a unicorn – a whole entire one on a grill) would prove to be so popular?
Grilled UnicornThat single item got more clicks and likes and interest than almost anything else I’ve blogged or tweeted … ever.
Um, do people know that even if unicorns existed, which they don’t unless you count rhinoceroses, they would be so vanishingly rare that they would be beyond a protected species? That they’d be guarded with fire, and not plunked down on top of one for a Sunday roast…?
On the Heroine Question
Alyx Dellamonica has a series of mini interviews with female writers, on the subject of “heroines” – and mine’s the latest. Something to entertain you while I’m dodging wildfires on the road to Worldcon!
One question was whether I had imprinted on any particular literary heroine as a child, and I answered in part:
Jo March from Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. She was so iconic, so seminal, not to mention the only one of the sisters with whom I had a remote connection – Meg was the goody two shoes, Amy was a spoiled brat, and Beth was the ghost of a pretty kitten.
Jo was a writer, and she pushed on her dream until she got published, and many of us who did the same thing eventually ended up identifying with that because that was our dream also. That was something that we – that I – grew up looking up to, waiting to accomplish. But I didn’t want to be Jo. I just wanted to be a writer.
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12 Canadian bookstore cats
Natural good looks? Check. A way with customers? Check. Uncanny knack of laying down on the exact book you want to buy? And… check. We’re feline fine about these 12 Canadian bookstore cats from coast to coast.
The Book Man, Abbotsford BC
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How To Tell If You’re In an Edward Gorey Book
Shadows make you anxious, and you avoid them just in case they are
concealing someone who means you ill.  (who knew that Gorey knew about
the Vashta Nerada?)
Learning the alphabet gave you night terrors, and even now you have a deep seated fear of being mauled by a bear.
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Similar-looking Cover Designs INFOGRAPHIC
For example:
Africa CoversWhich is so like the cover on my own memoir.
Houses in AfricaSee the whole infographic HERE
I had just finished my umpteenth cup of coffee when I stumbled on this!
Today Is the Day Balzac Died from Drinking Too Much Coffee
Honoré de Balzac drank coffee for days on end, weeks on end, on an empty stomach, and they say it’s how he croaked. The 19th-century French writer “died of caffeine poisoning.” Some say he drank 50 cups of coffee a day, but it’s not like he kept count, and it sounds like he drank way more than 50 cups a day when he felt like it.
errr, unh…no comment. I need another cup.
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I’m off to Sasquan. If you’re coming, look me up at my reading or book signing, my Kaffee Klatche, or come to Tea with the Duchess. It’s always lovely to meet new people, and to see old friends.
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