Read anywhere“My name is Jakub Pavlovsky and I’m a 21-year-old supporter of reading books. A few months ago, I realized that people weren’t reading books as much as they did before. Nowadays, they prefer modern technologies rather than a lovely and interesting book. .
“Therefore, I created a project called “BOOKS CALLING” and I did it on social media – I want to spread a traditional idea through a modern system. The project’s motto is “Make Time For Reading. Anywhere, Anytime.” I keep the pose of sitting at the same angle and posture in all of the photos, as if the world and environment pivots around this pose throughout the day, every day.”
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77 years later…Igeborg Rapoport
Ingeborg Rapoport was denied her PhD at the University of Hamburg in 1938 for “racial reasons” due to her Jewish heritage. Last week, the 102-year-old Rapoport at long last had the opportunity to defend her doctoral thesis on diphtheria before an academic committee — 77 years after she completed it.
After she aced her oral exam, her PhD was approved and the degree will be awarded to her in a ceremony next month in Hamburg. When this Nazi injustice from decades ago is finally righted, Rapoport will become the oldest person in the world to ever receive a doctoral degree.
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A Brief Ode to a Long and Beautiful Marriage
“Calvin Trillin is not easy to sum up as an author,” Leslie Kendall Dye writes in Off the Shelf, “the good ones never are.” In a touching essay, she talks about a book he wrote about his wife Alice after her death.
About AliceAbout Alice is about Alice, but it is also about a marriage. Every now and then a writer has a chance to document finding a needle in a haystack: the perfect mate. Whenever we have a chance to etch a happy history into stone, we should take it.
Trillin performs a neat trick in this book. It’s about Alice, but it’s also by Alice. She wrote about fifty percent of it, because so much of it is quotations. I’m not sure there is a greater testament to love and adoration than a writer giving so much real estate to someone else’s words.
How to live a middle-class life in New York City on less than $5,000 a year
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Scientists examine why men even exist
“Sex is a messy, inefficient method of reproducing,” Rachel Feltman writes in the Washington Post, “but most multicellular organisms have evolved to rely on a partner regardless.”
Matt Gage, an author of a study on the matter, asks: “Why should any species waste all that effort on sons?”
A study using 50 generations of beetles suggests the answer.
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Hot scenes in three words
red silk sheetsDescribing Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning
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