16 gifts for folks who have enough books

Isaac Fitzgerald suggests on Buzzfeed great gifts for book lovers but actually, one of them is…yeah, you guessed it.
Tote bagA poetic tote bag sporting a quote from one of America’s finest (and most badass) poets, Eileen Myles.
The thingFrom The Thing Quarterly: A periodical in the form of an object, which gets sent to the recipient four times a year and is radically different every time (past “thing”s include a cutting board, a shower curtain, a pair of glasses, etc.).
Booklover gifts
“Why do I love YA? Because Teenagers Are Friggin’ Awesome”
Kelly Barnhill blogs:
These kids today! So crazy. So odd-ball. So curious and confused and interested and bored and brave. So hopeful. So cynical. So fully and completely and wonderfully themselves.
This is why I love YA novels. Because I love teenagers. Because they are awesome.
Books about teenagers have a responsibility to be wonderful. They have a responsibility to be honest and incisive and brutal and brave. They have a responsibility to be just as honest and incisive and brave as the teenagers who read them.
Loving YA
The Bad Sex Awards, the world’s best literary prize
It’s an honor shared by Norman Mailer and John Updike, as well as Philip Roth, Stephen King, and Tom Wolfe, Emily Shire writes in This Week.
It’s not the Pulitzer Prize or the National Book Award. It’s the Literary Review’s Bad Sex Award.
Bad Sex AwardsCongratulations? (Facebook/Manil Suri)
Since 1993, the British publication has been bestowing the title “to draw attention to the crude, badly written, often perfunctory use of redundant passages of sexual descriptions in the modern novel, and to discourage it.” The award tends to go after awkward and/or hilarious sex scenes that make you cringe so badly it takes you out of the novel.”
Bad sex awards
Female Role Models
A poster on Claudia Christian’s site features fictional female TV and film figures. Now we need two more:
1) Fictional characters in books
2) Real women
Female role models
The 14 Most Eye-Opening Quotes By Joan Didion
Arianna Rebolini offers in BuzzFeed “A celebration of all the ways Ms. Didion helps us make sense of it all.”
On writingOn writing
On New YorkOn New York
Joan Didion said:
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