Her war against harassers

Brooklyn oil painter Tatyana Fazlalizadeh got fed up with dudes invading her space. So she started telling them so—very publicly.
Painter's warPhoto courtesy of Tatyana Fazlalizadeh.
For many women, just walking down the street can mean being subject to harassment by men, Nina Liss-Schultz writes in Mother Jones,—from subtle comments to overtly hostile remarks.
Fed up with such treatment, Tatyana produced an illustrated self-portrait with a caption—”Stop Telling Women To Smile”—and plastered copies all around her Brooklyn neighborhood. Since then, Fazlalizadeh has created countless posters, literally taking to the street to combat sexist harassment.
Each piece features a different woman, with a caption that reflects her own experiences with public harassment. With $35,000 raised on Kickstarter, Fazlalizadeh has now taken her project, named after that first caption, on the road.
Stop telling women to smile
Emily Graslie gets some ugly mail
Emily Graslie is currently at the Field Museum in Chicago, where she wanders from department to department, exploring, delighting, asking questions and talking about it on her video blog, NPR correspondent Robert Krulwich reports. And, he says, she gets mail that is troubling.
Many of the folks who write her, write not about the science, but about her body, her looks, her clothes. She’s a science reporter who happens to be a young woman, and her woman-ness is the thing they focus on. The science, to her chagrin, often takes second place.
EmilyGaaaah. Every time I look away something like THIS pops up. You go, Emily. You’re AWESOME. And I will try and be better about supporting you and others like you who are putting yourselves out there… so that you get more from it than… than… than THIS SHIT.
Troubling mail
A Letter From Fred
When music producer Jacob Colgan received 96-year-old Fred Stobaugh’s handwritten lyrics iin memory of his recently departed wife of 72 years, he helped bring Fred’s words to the ears of the world.
Fred StobaughFred Stobaugh: From a film by Oceanna Colgan and Green Shoe Studio
Fred had penned the song “Oh Sweet Lorraine” in memory of his wife ; but, as his letter to the studio said, “I don’t sing. It would scare people.”
Sweet Lorraine video
Searching For the Coyote Totem
There are different layers of reality from which we can experience the coyote, Ted Heistman tells us at Disinformation®­.
The Indians legends examined coyote from a deeper layer of reality than the field guides. The field guides don’t tell you what you see when you look in its eyes and see red clay in the hills staring back at you, laughing at you, challenging you, and then looking away again at something it finds more interesting, such as a piece of garbage buried in the dirt.In this deeper layer of reality there is really only one coyote. The shamans spoke of seeing coyote, not coyotes or a coyote. Coyote is an aspect of the Universe.
Gift of the Unmage
     It is not by accident that Coyote is a major character in my own YA Worldweavers books.
     Just WAIT till you see what he gets up to in the fourth and final book, “Dawn of Magic”, due out in 2014.
Only one coyote
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