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“If you look through my boards you’ll learn more about me than you ever wanted to know,” the Pinterest profile of D CM says.
If you look through her astonishing 41,430 pins on 135 boards you’ll find that D Cm is one of the world’s greatest book huggers. There are boards on books, readers, libraries, books and body parts, books-as-art, writing, oh, just WORDS – it’s a smorgasbord of WORDS, a place to go and get happily drowned in – amazing. I plan on visiting often.
Do come along for the ride. And while you’re sailing the waters of Pinterest, take a look at some of MY word-boards. I never knew this Pinterest thing could be so much fun.
D Cm on Pinterest
Alma on Pinterest
Travel Alerts in haiku
Sporadic tube, rail and bus updates for London. And #boats. We have #boats now. Also, trams. Not really real, really. At all.
Some samples:
“SCENE: South Ruislip station. The view from the platform unspoiled by distractions such as beauty or colour. A child’s cough echoes.”
“Friday. No seats. You take a chance and stand in the aisle. Next stop, the person in the seat nearest you gets up. You win. Friday.”
“Wednesday. Wednesdelay, more like, eh? Closures, failures, suspensions, disruptions. Bewildered, you sit on the floor and wait. Wednesday.”
“Passengers should be aware that we have changed a few things today e.g. directions, the laws of time etc. You’ll work it out. Heed the map.”
Beware, it’s addictive.
Travel tweets
Young heroines helped redefine girlhood as a state of strength
When Malala Yousafzai, the 16-year-old schoolgirl and youngest Nobel nominee, appeared on the Daily Show, Hermione Hoby reports in The Guardian, Jon Stewart’s first, stuttering words to her were: “It’s honestly humbling to meet you. You are 16…”
MalalaThose two statements sum up an internationally felt, two-part awe: first, how is she so brave and formidable and, second, how is she so young?
Malala has been a campaigner for girls’ rights to education since she was 11, when she began blogging for the BBC about life in Pakistan under Taliban rule, but she became an international symbol of peaceful resistance and valour after an attempt on her life last year.
Malala is not just an emblem for peace: she’s heralding a shift in the way we valorise and lionise girlhood.
Young heroines
Why You Should Drink Coffee Every Day
There really can’t be any adult in this great big world that has never tried coffee, Renee Jacques writes at The Huffington Post. For example, she says:
Just smelling coffee could make you less stressed.
It’s consumed everywhere, and judging by the amount of Starbucks locations in the United States alone, (in 2012, there were 10,924!) we love our caffeine. And that’s fine. In fact, there are many advantages to being one of the 54 percent of Americans over 18 who drink coffee everyday. Coffee can be pretty amazing for your brain, your skin and your body.
Wake up and smell the coffee
50 brilliant pub chalkboards
These fine drinking establishments went the extra mile in their attempts to entice customers in off the street with their sparkling chalk-scrawled creations, ThePoke tells us.
chalk boardWhen you put it like that…
Pub chalkboards
Alma Alexander
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