Books to make you a better Twentysomething

Buzzfeed offers 20 books that will help you navigate the decade that could be crucial to defining who you are and how you will live your life.
Gamers solve decade old HIV puzzle in ten days
Tibi Puiu reports in ZME Science that scientists from the University of Washington have been struggling for the past decade to decipher the complex structure of an enzyme that exhibits AIDS-like behavior, and which might hold a critical role in building a cure for the disease.
Gamers playing spatial game Foldit have managed to collectively determine the enzyme’s structure in ten days.
Gaming science
Chewed shoe art on eBay
The eBay description notes that the art work is by the emerging canine artist, Jack.
Shoe artThe Half-Chewed Cole Haan Wingtip sold for for $378.
The work has been interpreted by contemporary art critics as a statement on class in the wake of the American recession, a painful and complex subject for the modern American dog.
Chewed shoe art
Famous books retitled like they’re blog posts
College Humor imagines if classic and popular books were named just to get clicks online?
Movies that you might not know were based on books
You didn’t think Disney created Cruella de Vil themselves, did you? Buzzfeed asks.
1001 Dalmations
Movies based on books
Tiny but deadly creatures
The Irukandji jellyfish is the smallest in the world, capable of delivering a sting 100 times as potent as that of a cobra.
Tiny jellyfish
A sting from this tiny monster produces, among other unpleasant symptoms
… “a constant feeling of impending doom.”
I… uh… a *psychoactive poison*?
Deadly creatures
Alma Alexander
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