Which vehicles get the worst mileage?

From supercars to supercarriers, when it comes to burning dollars faster than gasoline, these ten vehicles are the absolute worst.
Moon mission
Fueled by money
Great writers can be nice guys
Judy BlumeAuthors are notoriously difficult to deal with, Huff Post Books tells us. But here are some notable exceptions to the “all famous authors are jerks” rule.
Nice authors
Odd Bookshops Around the World
An underground car park In China has a bookstore, the International Business Times tells us. The Book Barge is found floating on the waterways of the UK.
And the John King bookstore is located inside a glove factory that dates back to the 1940s. It is made up of five stories of book shelf mazes. It houses the rarest in second hand books that you have been trying to search for all your life.
Odd bookstores
Tips For Creating Great Stories
In Jeff Vandermeer’s Wonderbook: The Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction, George R.R. Martin, Junot Diaz, and other top storytellers tell us how to do it, Hugh Hart reports.
Writing fantasy
30 Fabulous Store Notices
Your Daily Giggle. You can thank me later.
PomisesHats off to these fine retail establishments who have gone the extra mile with their customer notices, a story at The Poke says.
Store signs
Feral books will stalk readers
In the future, readers will not go in search of books to read, Charles Stross, says.
Feral books will stalk readers, sneak into their ebook libraries, and leap out to ambush them. Readers will have to beat books off with a baseball bat; hold them at bay with a flaming torch: refuse to interact: and in extreme cases, feign dyslexia, blindness or locked-in syndrome to avoid being subjected to literature.
Future of books
The American flags on the moon
NASA has finally answered a long-standing question, Gizmodo tells us: all but one of the six American flags on the moon are still standing up. The only problem is that they aren’t American flags anymore. They are all white.

White flag
White flags

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