If you can buy a woman a drink in a bar…

…why not a book in a bookstore?
And if you make it a paperback, it would probably be cheaper than a martini in that bar.
Bookstore pass (read the comments)
31 Day Blog Challenge, #6
10 SONGS I LOVE RIGHT NOW, in no particular order:
“Have you ever really loved a woman”, Bryan Adams
“One more day” from Les Miserables
“Nothing’s gonna change my world” the Fiona Apple cover
“Love changes everything” from Aspects of Love (Andrew Lloyd Weber)
“Shake it Out”  Florence and the Machine (but I LOVE this version

“The day before you came” ABBA (I like story songs and this one is a great story…)
“Hallelujah”, Leonard Cohen
“Hotel California”, Eagles (what did I say about story songs…?)
“Va Pensiero” (“Nabucco” Verdi)
“E lucevan le stele” (“Tosca”, Puccini)
10 Bookstores in 10 Literary Cities
Bustle offers bookstores you don’t want to miss. I won’t step on their list, but I’ll offer a couple of bookstores from Bellingham — Village Books for new (and a few used) and Henderson Books and Michael’s Books for used.
Seattle: Elliot Bay Book Company
Elliot-Bay Books, Seattle
“The high wood ceilings, thoughtful and thorough staff recommendations, locally-crafted journals, and cozy café make Elliot Bay Book Company a favorite for a rainy afternoon. From literary fiction to cookbooks to religion to sex (the placement of the latter two next to each other seems entirely intentional), Elliot Bay has curated an incredible selection that probably includes the lesser-known book for which you’ve been searching.”
Image: Alyson Hurt
Bookstores in Literary Cities
During a conversation about book reviews, Daniel Abraham wrote:
“I explained to a friend not long ago that writers aren’t paid for writing stories.  We do that for free, many of us for years, before we see any money at all.  We get *paid* for presenting ourselves for the constant and casual judgment of others.”
Chicago’s contributions to English
Chicago’s history weaves through English, Chicago Magazine says, and identifies “the 40 words where the city’s voice speaks loudest”
You know, words like freak, pipe dream, and flea-flicker.
Chicago words
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