It took a Village…Books

Where else could book people be married but in the bookstore where they work. Well, right behind the bookstore — on the green — with the reception, of course, in the bookstore’s cafe.
Paul Hanson and Kelly Evert were married at my favorite bookstore, Village Books on Bellingham’s Village Green. After the couple was pronounced husband and wife, Kelly, in a burst of sudden irrepressible joy, shouted “holy crap,” and “we did it!”
Her new husband noted more prosaically that since the wedding was put on with a great deal of help from the Village Books people,
“It truly took a Village to make this wedding happen.”
In lieu of presents, the couple asked guests to bring either food or a recipe, and they plan to print a collection of those recipes on the store’s Espresso Book Machine.
Girl to becomes author — posthumously
John Green dedicated his teen novel, “The Fault in Our Stars,” to 16-year-old Esther Earl, who died of thyroid cancer.
Green’s novel is narrated by Hazel, a quirky 16-year-old girl with thyroid cancer. Hazel is not based on Esther but Green says getting to know Esther helped him realize that “kids with stage 4 cancer can be just as funny, and as normal and as afraid as any other kid.”
Esther’s father had planned to self-publish his daughter’s letters, journal entries and short stories. Green’s editor decided to publish the book with a focus on the last two years of Esther’s life.
16-year-old girl become author, posthumously
31 Day Blog Challenge, #4
What are you afraid of?
Different things, at different times. One of my most memorable dreams of all time – which I still remember clearly decades later – seems to imply that my vision of Hell is a place where I would be utterly and completely alone . So maybe that.
17 Problems Only Book Lovers Will Understand
Number three on the list is: When the movie version of a book gets everything wrong.
Yeah, THAT!
Lord of the Rings, anyone.
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