Creepiest things a child has told a parent

“Before I was born here, I had a sister, right? Her and my other mom are so old now. They were okay when the car was on fire, but I sure wasn’t!”
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Google Maps Lets You Explore The TARDIS
tardis-google-jpgNow if I could only find David Tennant in there somewhere, off we’d go to the ends of space and time.
But you can’t click down the corridors and hallways, alas. Just the main room. Perhaps that is just as well. We don’t want people getting LOST inside the Tardis now, do we….?
Explore The TARDIS with Google
What’s wrong with chick lit?
None of my work has been labeled chick lit exactly, but there have been a few side remarks of a similar nature that make me appreciate Sherwood Smith’s essay.
“Among all the disparagements of romance there seems to be a special sneer for ‘chick lit’–the sprightly, often funny, light-hearted romantic story that is about relationships, rather than blood, guts, and the fate of nations, or heavy philosophical musings,” Smith writes.
“The reasons for this seem obvious –besides the cultural baggage that dictates anything by or about women is automatically lesser than stuff by men about men, there is a total absence of that stern ‘this is good for you’ vibe that freights so much of what is labelled ‘literature’.
“The chick lit I enjoy is not all that easy to write, though the successful story looks easy. Like P.G. Wodehouse, whose breezy, funny, warm-hearted stories were meticulously plotted, the style adamantine in its precision.”
Nothing wrong with chick lit
Seattle Metaphysical Library
The Seattle Metaphysical library is accessed via an unmarked glass door next to a bread bakery. The landlord will not allow a sign to be hung outside so you have to determine whether the library is open by looking for a sandwich board on the sidewalk.
But if you can manage to get inside you are in for a truly enlightening experience. The library has more than 13,000 books on parapsychology, shamanism, magik, and UFOs, just to name a few of their astounding sections.
An underground library specializing in underground knowledge
The 10 Most Impressive Beards In Literature
herman-melville-jpgMore impressive authors’ beards here
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