Cats Who Are Serious About Reading

Reading between the lines
12 Cats Serious About Reading
Literally killing the language
Google now defines the word ‘literally’ as meaning the opposite of its true definition.
If you search the phrase “define literally” on Google, the dictionary listing now includes this secondary definition: “Used to acknowledge that something is not literally true but is used for emphasis or to express strong feeling.
And that has sparked an Internet firestorm among language lovers. “We did it guys, we finally killed English,” one person wrote.
Literally an online firestorm
90 steps from a bookstore
browseabout-books bookstore
A writer’s love story about books and bookstores. Living next-door to a bookstore would be one definition of heaven.
“...that’s the most tremendous thing about my life hereā€”the comfort and pleasure I derive from its physical presence. It’s a luxury to have an independent bookstore anywhere anymore, but especially so in a small town like this, with a population of just a few hundred people.” — Anna March
90 steps from a bookstore
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