Americans don’t read, not much anyhow.

People in India spend an average of 10.7 hours per week reading. The citizens of Thailand and China do almost as well. Americans read about half that.
In fact, Americans ranked 23rd in the world in time spent reading.
Americans’ failure as readers may have dire consequences.
CBS reports on a study that says being a bookworm, jotting down your thoughts and completing other tasks that keep your brain active may help you stay sharp in your later years. “People who kept mentally stimulated had 15 percent slower rate of mental, thinking decline compared to those that did not.”
Oh, oh….
Reading, writing may help preserve memory in older age
Sal Towse shared a link on Facebook about how to read more.
The article that she links to says “Reading must become as natural as eating and breathing to you. It’s not something you do because you feel like it, but because it’s a reflex, a default.”
Sal doesn’t agree with everything in the article but says, “I do agree that you -can read more if you just read. Simple, eh?”
How To Read More — A Lot More
Pride’s Purge, which provides “an irreverent look at UK politics,” reports that “The home secretary … has announced a decision to ban independent thought, noting that possession and use of free will is already banned in the US and most European countries.”
Critical Thinking To Become Class C Drug in the UK