Big Brother Fears Reignite A Classic, Publishers Weekly says.
“George Orwell may need to prep a thank you note to Edward Snowden. The author’s classic novel, 1984, about a future world with a government that too closely watches its citizens, was the most talked-about book on social media last month.”
1984 popular again
Another sad sign of the times: Chicago Sun-Times Drops Regular Book Coverage
World’s oldest operating LGBT bookstore revitalized by community.
At a time when several of Toronto’s independent book stores have shut their doors, Glad Day Bookshop is still there, and still queer. “I think it’s more vibrant and more inclusive of different cultures,” a customer says. “It’s more than a bookshop; it’s becoming a community centre.”
US writer uses self-publishing to get past industry ‘racism’, the Guardian reports.
“White author Kristine Kathryn Rusch says her novels about a black detective could only be successfully launched in DIY editions.”