Like a book? Tell the world

Have you read a good book lately?  Then share it.
Writing is a time-intensive and solitary thing. it takes a long time for a book to be conceived, written, polished, published. While all of these things are taking place the author receives no direct revenue from that book, it is all done on faith, faith that someday a reader will find it and connect with it and love it.  So if you loved it, let it show. if you cared, share.
Here’s what you can do:
Write a review. You don’t have to be a professional reviewer, some of the most treasured responses to a writer’s work come from readers who write about how a book touched them personally. Write a few words, two sentences, two paragraphs, two pages, whatever you feel moved to write. Then put it up where where other potential readers can find it.
Post it — on Goodreads, on LibraryThing, on Facebook, on Amazon, on Smashwords, or on your own page or blog. Books live because readers respond to them. Keep a book you love alive today by talking about it.
Search out the author. Is there a Facebook page for your favorite author? If there is, go there and click “like“. Post your reviews there, or links to them. Or just  drop the author a note and say ‘Hi, I just finished Book X and thought I’d come by and wave.’ Does your author have a website with a comments page or a fan corner? Leave a message and let your author know that you cared. Believe me, these small notes go a long way. No fan page? Is there a contact form? Email the author with your message.
Create your own page. Can’t find a page for a favorite author or book? Create a fan page and invite friends and strangers to drop by and talk about it.
Basically, just spread the word. Word of mouth is a thing precious beyond imagination, and the greatest gift you can give the creator of a world you have loved.
Consider buying a copy for a friend who has not yet read it, and then ask them, if they like it, to do the same – tell THEIR friends, pass it on, pay it forward. Keep talking about it. Give a book the light of love and let it grow. Make a buzz. Get it noticed. Did you love it? Let them know. Let everyone know.  The only way your favorite writer can keep writing is if they are read. If you like their work, shout about it from the rooftops. Give something back.
If you cared, share.