Triple Triads plus 3

I have had available for some time, a number of Alexander Triads, short books containing three of my short stories each. They are superb for short reads, but some of my fans prefer more substantial books.
final-w-of-worlds3x3_0So I have produced a compendium edition – an ebook boxed set if you like – of three of them, a Triad of Triads as it were. There will be more in the future. The first one is called “Weight of Worlds (The Collection)” and contains three triads — Once upon a Fairy Tale, Cat and the triad with the same name, Weight of Worlds.
I’ve added three more stories, for a total of 12. So, in effect, I’ve actually added another Triad to the mix. Two of the additions are connected to one of the stories in “Cats” and feature the same protagonist about whom I think I have more left to say. If you do pick up a copy of this book, read those additional stories and tell me if you would like to see a novel about this guy.
The book is currently available only on Amazon in Kindle format. It will be in other venues later.