Interview, review and giveaway

Jean Vallesteros interviewed me at and asked a very perceptive question: Why is storytelling so important for all of us?

I told her and her avid readers this in response:

In a way stories are like a faith – you need to believe in something, and stories give you a place to stand. It’s been said that life doesn’t always have to make sense but fiction DOES, and in an arcane manner that sense of order is what draws us in.
There are truths that need to be spoken and internalized and understood which would be hurtful, even agonizing, if administered unadulterated. Wrap them in a layer of story, though, and they will slide down easier – and the truths they contain will be no less important for all that. Stories awe us, entertain us, teach us, make us laugh, make us cry, make us believe in six impossible things before breakfast. Stories take us to Narnia, and to Panem, and to worlds that might look a lot like the one we glimpse when we look out of the window but is somehow… somehow… different. Stories free the imagination and the mind. They make us stay up all night to finish a good book; they make our toddlers go to sleep.
Stories are quite simply the closest thing that the human race has ever come to something resembling real magic.

She included a review of my ‘2012: Midnight at Spanish Gardens’ which included this: “is a fabulous fantasy and time-altering story. Equipped with beautiful writing and compelling characters, it will certainly hook readers from the very first page.”

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