Embers of Heaven
Series: Jin-Shei, Book 2
Genre: Historical fantasy
Tag: Recommended Books
Format: Paperback
ASIN: 1950565254
ISBN: 9781950565252
Four hundred years after the events in The Secrets of Jin-shei, the Syai Empire is on the brink of civil war. A new voice preaching equality promises hope for the downtrodden, but the ensuing people’s revolution brings terror, reeducation camps, and a chance of brutal retribution or even death to anyone seen as embracing the old ways.An outsider and a child of two worlds, Amais searches her ancestral home, the land of Syai, for the lost magical bond of jin-shei, the women’s oath. Her quest will bring her to the very man who may destroy her and her family… and who has an improbable hold on her heart. As individuals, they are antagonists, even enemies—and yet, as two halves of a whole, they are the last hope for the survival of Syai…
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