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Becoming the Changer of Days

Anghara Kir Hama

heir to an ancient throne, holder of a perilous gift called Sight, one who serves the dangerous and powerful Old Gods… and then sweeps them away as the Changer of Days


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About the Book

Red Dynan, King of Roisinan, slain in battle, leaves as his only legitimate heir a nine-year-old girl . When his bastard son Sif takes the crown for himself the rightful heir to Roisinan is forced to flee for her life. Anghara runs from one danger into the next… until she steps into the path of her destiny, and learns her true powers in the mysterious land known as Kheldrin, the Twilight Country.

Forever changed by her sojourn in Kheldrin , Anghara returns to Roisinan to be met with betrayal, imprisonment, and a bitter loss of everything that she has worked so hard to understand and achieve. Anghara returns to Kheldrin to seek healing… and finds the full flowering of her fate, a transformation into the mythical Changer of Days, a bridge across the ages who makes her shattered world whole again.

Series: Changer of Days
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Book View Cafe/Kos Books
Publication Year: 2021
Format: paperbak, ebook
Length: 690 pages
ASIN: B09L15MJ37
ISBN: 9781611389357
List Price: 23.99
eBook Price: 4.99
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