Wrap up warm, and keep on reading…

So I did a series of “book and scarf” packages not too long ago, matching one of my books to a scarf I’d hand-lnitted which seemed to have a commonality with the book (e.g. a graduate blue scarf for “midnight at spanish gardens” or a ruby-red one for “Embers of Heaven”…), and they were snapped up by readers, who ALSO then loved the scarves (I’ve had pictures of people wearing the scarves, of scarves draped upon long suffering cats…) Knitting yarn and knitting story are in a way very alike – and this just seemed like a good match…

Well, I kept on yarn-knitting. And there is a new batch of “wrap up warm and keep reading” book-and-scarf combos.

There’s a bronze-to-gold one which I am matching with “Empress” – but there are also five others currently available, and what I am doing with these is announcing a “mix and match”. If you like the look of a scarf, tell me which of my books you would like to pair up with it in the combo pack, and ping me for a tailored price for the entire project which will depend on the scarf and the book. Here’s a few pictures to help you choose (and I AM offering “suggested” pairings, like with wine, but I reiterate, you are free to choose your own if you like):

The Classic Doctor Who scarf – a little more colourful and a little LONGER than  the average scarf. A cheerful option for a superhero-loving reader. You can opt to have the two current Val Hall books (“The Odd Years” and “The Even Years”) as part of the book package… or you can choose to wait, and receive the New! Improved! Omnibus! edition, “Val Hall Century”, due out in November of 2022… and peg this entire package as a GREAT Christmas present for somebody.

This would be the bronze-gold “Empress” scarf. This is GLITTERY. I tried to do a close up of the thing but the camera doesn’t do it justice – this is the closest it gets:

it’s really soft and really pretty and it looks CLASSY. Fit for an empress, in fact. Fit for an empress, knitted by the duchess, my goodness, pick this one and you’re a true aristocrat… 🙂

Then there’s a REALLY nice  rich graduated scarf in super soft yarn – and for this you might choose any of my story collections (Fractured Fairy Tales, Untranslatable…) to give you the same range and breadth of reading matter as occurs in the scarf.

I personally REALLY like this one.For what it’s worth.

Then there’s this beautiful marled job, made from ultra soft yarn from South America – a truly wonderful scarf. The colours shift and change from stitch to stitch. You might try the Were Chronicles with this one.

Then there are the bracket ones – the most and the least expensive ones on the list. Starting from the beginning – this one isn’t “the cheapest” because there’s anything WRONG with it – in fact, it’s the most INTERESTING of the scarves, knitted in a textured pattern – but it is made of a somewhat coarser, more solid yarn and it isn’t quite as soft and snuggly as the rest:

But if you want to pair it with “Embers of Heaven” that might work nicely, colour-match-wise.

And then there’s the piece de resistance of the collection:

The photo doesn’t NEARLY do it justice, it shades from cream to peach to lavender, and this, ladies and gentlemen, is cashmere yarn. This is the softest, most wonderful scarf you’ll ever own. Promise. And handknitted with love. And you can have WHATEVER BOOK YOU WANT with it, but you might want to consider the 20th anniversary edition of “Changer of Days”. A special book for a special scarf.

So. There you have it. Wrap up warm and keep reading – and let me know which scarf calls to you Aside from the waiting period on “Val Hall Century” – these are ready and available to ship out NOW. We’re over summer’s hump and from here on days get shorter and shorter and September will be here before we know it and all the autumnal feels with it. Be ready for the season. Have a good book waiting, and have a warm scarf ready if you venture outside on a nice clear fall walk.

Awaiting your pleasure.