Obligatory Award Season Post

I missed the boat last year, with “The Second Star”, because hey I have zero sense of self promotion to begin with and also it was 2020 and I was in the process of losing… well, almost everything I valued in my life… and that zero sense slipped into the negative figures. I think that novel would have made a worthy candidate for any number of genre awards given that it finalled in two anyway – the 2021 Imadjinn Awards and the 2021 Washington State Book Award.

2020 was a monster, and 2021 has been… difficult… but it has been brought to my attention that it’s award season all over again so I’ll make a stab at it – here’s the obligatory award season post. It won’t take long, this year.

I have one thing to recommend to you this year, my “Fractured Fairy Tales” collection, as a whole – and although not all of it might be eligible as an of itself there are a number of stories in there which are absolutely new never before seen material (Finley’s Joy, Glowstick Girl,Hunting the Wolf, The Wedding of the Weed Witch, Spiderhair) which qualify as new original short stories first published in the proper time period window (if you want to read any of them individually please do contact me via the contact form on this site and inquire but I love this entire book, I think it’s a good collection, and if you want to consider acquiring the thing in toto that would be a kindness as and of itself…) There’s also a short story that appears in Book View Cafe’s new collection “Murmurs in the Dark” (With Stars in Her Eyes) which I would like to commend to your attention (again, it’s a great collection which I heartily recommend you acquire as a whole – but if you are in a position to read for nominations and you wish to read that story, please do contact me.)

I have literally no idea if it qualifies as such – but the 20th anniversary reissue of
Changer of Days in the single volume that it has always meant to be has been something of a vision for me for so long – and if it’s nominatable as this new fresh edition please consider it – if you don’t believe it to be so please consider picking up a copy of it. It’s special. It’s really that special, if I say so myself…

And that’s it for the awards season this year. Please consider taking a look at these works in that light.

Thank you.