Raining again….

You know, the place where I live has been known as the “pacific northWET” for a reason – it’s supposed to rain here all the time, it’s supposed to be damp and miserable, raining all the time… but we had now had fifty one successive days of no water from the sky at all. Not a drop. Not a hnt of a drop. Trees are starting to show signs of trauma – YOUNG trees are looking brown and dry and increasingly lifeless. There are fires everywhere. If you look at reservoir lakes in California and compare them to what they used to be or to what they SHOULD look like… it’s scary.

But here in the northwest where it rains all the time… it was dry dry dry. You’d wake up every day and look up and that big yellow thing with which we are all supposed to be so very unfamiliar is up there hanging relentlessly in empty blue skies.

And then I woke up last night, and it was RAINING. I could hear it pattering on the roof. All the potential miseries of rain were forgottenl I practically wept as I heard the rain fall, a sound half forgotten. It wasn’t enough, it wasn’t nearly enough, but it was something, it was clean damp air, and the smell of wet dust getting laid with a breath of petrichor.

I am so done with summer now – and yet they are threatening us with yet another bout with irrationally high temperatures still to come before we can loosen summer’s choking grip around our throats. I’m done. I am DONE. I want it to be raining again while I sit snug and tight and watch the raindrops fall, sipping a cup of hot tea, watching the leaves turn to gold on my big maple. I’m ready for autumn, y’all. SO ready.

Here’s a preview:

That. I want that. I want the gold.

This summer was hard enough. This winter is going to be even harder. I want this breath of peace and beauty, the Golden October.Even though… even the fall season will be full of things that are no longer here. Kicking through fallen leaves was something else that I will never share again with the one who loved me.

But I’m ready now. Summer can GO AWAY.

Give me autumn.

Give me rain.