Remember I posted about tech trouble a few days back? Here’s the catchup – my remote for the TiVo (with which I also control the TV and my way ot TV watching) simply DIED on me – dead dead dead dead as a dodo, changing batteries didn’t help, pressing any button was an exercise in futility. I took my troubles to the source and was gently told that my setup was way too old and TiVo didn’t even carry compatible remotes any more and I could try Amazon for a replacement… Well, the remote stayed fully dead, and I finally did bite the bullet and look online for a replacement. Found one for about twenty bucks which wasn’t too bad (of course there’s no guarantee that it would work…) and ordered it. The thing arrived yesterday…

…and my original remote started working again. Just as abruptly and without rhyme or reason as when it had quit.

So now I have TWO remotes.

This is my life right now. Disorganised and weird and filled with silly redundancies which are totally and utterly useless in the context of things.

Don’t get me wrong I’m pleased that I can stop watching whatever the TV dishes out and start watching the stuff I WANT again (although to be honest right now TiVo seems to be taping exclusively old re-runs of Star Trek for me… anyone have recommendations for something to watch, out there…?) but really, remote, could you have just warned me that you were taking a wee sabbatical and you weren’t deceased…?