Fractured Fairy Tales – up for preorder!

You can preorder your ebook from Amazon now – here. And if you want a signed copy of the paperback – there are a couple of places on Social Media where you could have signed up to be on the List for that, essentially “preordering” a special edition (signed copy) of the paperback book. You can also do so right here – just leave a comment on this post that you want to be on the List, and when I have put it all together I will be getting back to people with details – shipping, what you want on the signed copy (just a signature or a personalized signature and is that to yourself or to someone else and if so what’s their name, details, you know…). Before I do anything at all I have to step out right smartly and get some envelopes in stock…

Can’t wait to give you this book. It’s special. It really is. For SO many reasons.

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