Resurrection of The Greatest Wizard Who Ever Lived

The Worldweavers series, originally a trilogy published by Harper Collins, is the story of a girl who couldn’t do any magic at all despite a heritage that should have meant she would be a brilliant wizard. Yet, over the course of the series, she grew up to be the greatest wizard who had ever lived.

The HC editions, above, were beautiful – hardcover and paperback, amazing art – but they happened during the publishing “Bloodbath of 2008″. I lost two editors and four publicists within a year. With that, the trilogy withered on the vine.
Worldweaver covers, maggie
The rights eventually reverted to me, and I gave the novels – plus a fourth book which tied up the whole storyline into a neat little package – to a small press which re-issued them again.
They are now out of print and I want to reissue the whole series in a PERMANENTLY-IN-PRINT edition with all new covers.
That is going to be costly. I need $2000 for the new covers, something hard to come by in the face of economic collapse and a pandemic. So I am asking my fans to help bring back a YA fantasy series that critics have said is “utterly original”, and at the same time enough like a certain boy wizard that VOYA said: “For readers suffering Harry Potter withdrawal, this series might just suffice.”
Whether you love HP, or don’t; whether you read YA, or don’t; whether you just like the stuff I write and want to keep it out there – please consider supporting the fundraiser that will produce these covers and let these books come back to life.

How you can help

If you’re on Facebook, you can do it directly through the FB Fundraiser page HERE
If you are not into Facebook, you can go through PayPal HERE
and just type in the amount you want to contribute.
One more option: You can join my Patreon HERE
at $5/month and commit to at least 1 year
All supporters (unless they specifically ask not to be) will be acknowledged by name in the books when they rise like a quartet of phoenixes..
If you’ve read and liked these books, help me rescue them. If you have read anything ELSE I’ve written but not these four novels, and liked THAT, are you willing to trust me with this story?
To all already in the fold, THANK YOU. I literally could not have done this without you.


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