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There are moments… Like being asked whether there’s a ‘sequel’ to a book that people loved, and you keep on saying there isn’t… right until you find yourself in the middle of writing it, until you find yourself finishing it, until you find yourself holding in your hand something that you never knew would turn out to be so luminous, so ethereal, so powerful, so strong.

Readers would later tell me that I was a poet masquerading as a novelist and that this book proved it. ‘Embers of Heaven’ is at once a stand-alone novel which can be read even if you haven’t read ‘The Secrets of Jin-shei’, and a sequel to it. It takes place some 400 years after the events in the internationally acclaimed first book, and the world of Syai has changed profoundly. Jin-shei and the women’s language of jin-ashu are struggling for survival.

But an extraordinary girl is taking on the philistines who are trying to destroy the memory of the thing she loved. She is fighting the weight of time and change, armies in a bitter civil war, and her own traitor’s heart to protect the thing she cherished and prevent it from being cast into oblivion.

‘Embers of Heaven’ was initially published in the UK and Commonwealth, and in several foreign languages, including Serb, the first of my books to be translated back into my mother tongue, making for an extraordinary experience for both myself and the translator. The previous book, ‘The Secrets of Jin-shei’, has been published in numerous languages and countries. In the US it was published by HarperCollins but they made no offer for Embers and I turned to a small start-up publishing house for the initial publication here. It is now being re-issued by Crossroad Press with a striking new cover.

Now, here’s the thing. I have a few copies of the previous edition of ‘Embers’ on hand. I will give them away to five lucky winners of a drawing among a pool of new subscribers to my email list. The books will be signed and dedicated on the flyleaf. (I’ll even add a copy of the NEW edition if you ALSO join my Patreon at $4/month or higher at this point…)

Unfortunately, because of the exorbitant costs of postage for shipping out of the country, this offer is limited to the USA,

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Embers of Heaven cover photo
First US cover of Embers of Heaven
Second US Embers of Heaven cover
2nd US Embers of Heaven cover

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