Too soon?

Well, yeah, but then it’s never the wrong time to talk about books
So – what are you reading this Christmas? And do you know other people who need to read something new this Christmas?
A few ideas from the House of the Duchess of Fantasy.
If you’re looking for ebook reads which aren’t too long, and you like different takes on your fairy tales, try the novella “Twice Promised.” What happens when two witches get promised the same first-born child in payment for services… and then end up falling in love with each other…? #fairytalegayromcom
Or the story-in-four-parts, “Ever After.” These are not your mother’s versions of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Little Mermaid #fairytalesreimagined
Untranslatable adThere is also the brand-new collection, “Untranslatable” available in ebook now, paperback soon. If you want to have, or give, the paperback edition, here’s an idea.
Print out this coupon and use it as an IOU for a present to come this Christmas. Absolutely perfect as a stocking stuffer, this.
There is also the brand-new re-release with a new haunting new cover of “Midnight at Spanish Gardens,” available as an ebook or paperback from Crossroad Press,
Older books you might like:
If you’re into historical fantasy: “Empress”, or my older two (“The Secrets of Jin-shei”, which is suddenly doing GREAT again in ebook form, or “Embers of Heaven.”
If you’re into funny science fiction where time traveling androids wreak havoc with the world (yeah, I know, oddly specific, that… ? ): “AbductiCon
If you’re into reading a brand new book, in installments, as it’s being written, getting in on the ground floor as it were, you can always join my Patreon (for as little as $1 a month) and read along with the currently-in-editing-phase new science fiction novel – join now, and I’ll send you a “story so far” email so that you will be completely caught up with the state of play in Patreon at the moment…)
Either way. If you want to give the author a present…well, buy books… and do leave me a nice review somewhere. That is ALWAYS a very welcome gift.
Thank you all for reading.


Twice Promised

Ever After
Midnight at Spanish Gardens
The Secrets of Jin-shei
Embers of Heaven
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