Matthew holding well-loved book
Matthew with well-loved book

I was astonished and utterly delighted to discover that my nearly-20-year-old novel “The Secrets of Jin-Shei” still has wings – it has been picked as the read-along book by Matthew, owner and proprietor of the mcs-books channel on YouTube.
You can check it out HERE :
He talks about his favorite books in a Q&A here:and at about the 2:20 minute mark he makes mention of a… familiar book (and picks up his copy and holds it up and it’s breathtaking to an author to see a book they wrote having clearly been so beloved. (there’s a story about this book being a bit of a world traveler too – listen along… )
Well, “The Secrets of Jin-shei” has been picked up by Matthew specifically for a DETAILED read-along over three weeks of Twitter chats and discussion videos – he talks about it here:
All the details are in that video and I would LOVE to see any or all of you there. I myself will be swinging by to answer questions and what not – and at the end of it Matthew is going to pick a winner of a signed Jin-shei bookplate for YOUR copy of “The Secrets of Jin-shei”.
So go subscribe to his channel, or pick up the #mcsreadalong hashtag on Twitter and come along for the ride!