Video interviews – then and now

Alma in her office

From on TV in the studio to my home office

A long time ago I was on TV being interviewed about a book I had written. It was in a studio, with cables, and lights, and microphones, and make-up, and everything that an interview like that entails. It was… interesting
A few weeks ago I had another video interview – this one in the comfort of my own home, not a TV studio, but a lot of things reminded me of that old interview. No, i didn’t get my nose powdered to get the shine off it for the cameras and the camera itself was a LOT smaller (and digital), but they brought two LED lights because the place I live is well-treed and always DARK. They miked me up like I’d been miked for the TV thing and I forgot about it and tried to get up from the chair where I’d been parked and everyone went NOOOO! because all the wires went everywhere.

Photo Alma in her home libraryIn my library

The raw footage included a Q&A session where I answered questions seated in that chair, but then they did a lot of extracurricular footage – me in my library, walking down my street, typing at my computer. They edited in covers from my books – and the voice-over to all of that was my spoken narrative which they dubbed over the whole thing.
It’s a very artistic and nicely done video interview. Kudos.
Watch it, you’ll enjoy it.


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