Radcon illustration

Unh, no, not the wizard…maybe an android?

In the years I have spent in the United States, I have gone through cycles of going to conventions in my genre.
It started out slowly in Florida when I introduced my husband to his first-ever con and then it built from there. Some of the cons I went to in those early days I’m still attending these many years later – for instance, Orycon, which I’ve been going to faithfully for more than fifteen years now.
I went through a frantic period where I was attending up to nine cons a year – and a handful of years in which I attended every Worldcon, no matter where it wandered in the world; I’m still mad at myself for missing Helsinki last year.

And then there’s Radcon.

I started going to Radcon more than ten years ago. Its commitment to school visits by attending pros have given me rich rewards, and it’s the only con so far which has given me the accolade of having me as their official Guest of Honor Writer.
I’ve always liked this con. In fact, when I wrote my “AbductiCon”, it was set in a hotel which was very much based on Radcon’s venue – a combination of two con hotels, anyway, partly the Norwescon Doubletree in Seatac and partly Radcon’s Red Lion in Pasco. The elevator that features  prominently in “AbductiCon” was quite definitely Radcon’s. Regulars at either con would be quite at home at my fictional con, able to find their way around that hotel quite handily with my novel as a guide — other than the inescapable fact that THIS hotel never went for a ride around the moon.
Well, it’s that time of year again and I’m off to Radcon in the morning.
I”ll see you on the other side.