A reader demands action!

A New Zealand friend just sent me a note:

I thought I should tell you, I finally talked my youngest into reading ‘Random’ last night. This morning – at 6.45 – she burst into my bedroom and yelled “I need ‘Wolf’, now!”
‘Random’ and ‘Wolf’, the first two books of my The Were Chronicles, feature one of the best characters I have ever worked with, Mal, the angry, rebellious and complex teenager who grows into a man who changes his world beyond understanding.
I was thinking of Mal and Thea, the girl in my YA series Worldweavers series who couldn’t do magic and then grows up to become the greatest mage of all time when I was reading this story

10 Great Teens In Contemporary Fiction

by Jonathan Lee at Electric Lit.
Lee offers some interesting characters in novels and short stories, such as Addy in ‘Dare Me‘ by Megan Abbott. and the unnamed narrator in ‘Grotesque‘ by Natsuo Kirino.
Check out Lee’s picks at Electric Lit HERE

‘Judy Blume changed my life’

At LitHub, Lily King tells how Judy Blume got her through her parents’ divorceJudy Blume
(As told to Bethanne Patrick)
“The book that changed my life was ‘It’s Not the End of the World’…It helped me process my parents’ divorce. It was 1973 (and) even though the circumstances were very different between my parents and Karen’s in the novel, reading her story made me feel that I had a friend going through this, experiencing her family coming to an end.”
Read the whole story at Lit Hub HERE


Digital reading driven by older women
Research carried out for the ebook retailer Kobo finds three quarters of the most active digital readers are women over 45.
Read the whole story at The Guardian HERE

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As every author knows too well.

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