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14 Of The Best Christmas Trees Made Of Books
Or to put it another way, books that turn back into trees, if only for the season. I particularly love this one.
Bookshelf TreeSee all the book trees HERE
I thought that I had written only one science fiction novel in my career, but an Amazon review of The Were Chronicles trilogy by one of my college professors suggests it might be four.
“This is a rare entity, a werewolf book that is science fiction and not fantasy and the molecular biology is as good as it gets in SF. Read it, you will enjoy it.” ~ Professor Ralph Kirby
Hey, when the mentor who helped teach you all you know about a subject tells you that you did well at presenting it, that’s GOLD. Professor Kirby presided over my MSc in Molecular Biology. What I know, I was taught in his orbit. When he gives me a gold star for my science, I’ll wear it with pride.
“Minimalism is overrated”
From tiny homes to KonMari (the decluttering manifesto); from living with only 50 things or 100 things, the world has been abuzz about minimalism for the last five years, Starre Vartan writes for MNN. But when it comes to books, she says, minimalism is overrated.
Home Of BooksA home full of books creates opportunities for creativity and exposure. (Photo: Ollyy/Shutterstock)
Absolutely right…but I could use sure use some help organizing. Sigh.
So you think that to be beautiful and photographable you have to be stick thin and prepubescent?
Well, forget Lolita. Day Styles offers us:
Top Female Supermodels Over 60
China Machado, 85Vogue
China Machado was the first non-Caucasian to appear on the cover of a major American fashion magazine, which was the February 1959 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. At age 21, she moved to Paris and started modeling for Hubert de Givenchy whom she worked for, for 3 years, becoming the highest paid runway model in Europe.
We all wish we could look this good at 70, 80, even 90 (yes NINETY) years old…but take a look at the bios, too. These are women who have LIVED as well as LOOKED GOOD. And I like to think that having those lives contributed to the luminous loveliness that some of them positively glow with. To be truly beautiful you have have something on the inside as well as just a glossy outside lacquer.
And I’m very glad to see that our world still has enough class and respect to give these women the respect they deserve. Take THAT. Hollywood – many actresses have reported that they are considered “too old” at 37. Take a look at these faces and think again…
See all the stunning older models HERE
Quote of the Day
For it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas.”
~ Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol
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