Famous Literary Watering Holes
Writers are tortured souls, that’s why they usually need some time away from the real world and go to bars.
Well, that’s their story, anyhow.
Anyway, bars across the world are associated with some writers or another, Goethe, for example, Lord Byron, Dostoevsky, Jack Kerouac, Dylan Thomas – and Hemingway, of course.
Eagle And Pub
One of the writers’ bars discussed in the linked article (below) is The Eagle and Child pub in Oxford, the meeting place of the Inklings, a group of writers which included J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis, the gods who created the worlds of Middle Earth and Narnia.
When I first trod the cobbled streets of Oxford in the wake of these literary eminences I had to, of course, follow in their footsteps and dine at the pub, wondering which table they sat at, and if I walked along the same floors their feet once trod.
The Eagle and Child was fondly known as the Bird and Baby by its illustrious patrons because of the sign, a large non-stork bird laboring under the weight of a chubby child in a drop-cloth. It was a neat old English pub and served the usual pub grub. I ordered something or other that came with what was described on the menu as garlic bread.
This was in the days before cellphones made this a ubiquitous enough thing – back then what I did was close to extraordinary, and that was that I felt moved to take an actual picture of my food when it arrived. Because the “garlic bread” in question was not what I expected, a thin slice of baguette smeared with garlic butter. No, this was a thick slab of square bread perhaps half an inch high, and I swear to god, if you picked that thing up and squeezed it it would have run garlic juice.
I don’t know if they still serve that. It would be a shame if they did not. But what can I tell you? My potential high-minded memories of eating lunch in the same place where Tolkien once might have had Second Breakfast… has been almost permanently eclipsed by the vision of that garlic bread. I will never forget it.
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